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Cerchio Solution

The circular shape of Cerchio, the sound-absorbing panel of the Phonolook Solution line, contains in its essence the great fascination of perfection.

Covered by a Trevira CS fabric, the Cerchio panel is available in two standard sizes, but on request can be made in any size, thus offering endless configuration possibilities for your walls or ceilings. Easy to apply by means of steel cables or circular-shaped magnets, Cerchio gives character and lightness to envi-ronments affected by acoustic reverberation problems. Upon request, the fabric can be customized with an inkjet type of print.


Circle by Phonolook Design - Example of application





Examples of composition and application

examples of application

Ceiling suspension                                             Application in                          adherence to the wall                       Application in        adherence to the ceiling



Panel Frame Diameter Thickness m2 Weight
LP31600065 Metal 600 50 0,28 2,5 kg
LP31600105 Metal 1000 50 0,79 4,5 kg
LP32600065 Wood 600 50 0,28 1,5 kg
LP32600105 Wood 1000 50 0,79 3 kg


NOTE: Possible production of panels with custom sizes.

The numerical values in the table are expressed in mm.

The weights are indicative and may differ from those shown in the table.

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