Coworking @ Pigalle, Paris

Coworking @ Pigalle, Paris

26 de marzo de 2018

In Paris there is a coworking space of 150 square meters to accommodate people and provide various services. 35 sq m of sound absorption reduce reverberation indoors, making it the most livable environment, with greater acoustic comfort, so that it is inhabitable in all its potential.

Co-working is not just a way to reuse and share the space, it is much more: it is a way of “meeting” a way of thinking, living, and collaborating by sharing and participating together with ideas, thoughts, projects and jobs.
In a time of blooming recovery and restructuring, the Acoustics Division of Eterno Ivica, in collaboration with Lespace Paris, participates in the acoustic treatment of a former school in the north of Paris.

The school has been transformed into a coworking area; the school of over 7,000 square meters, has kept former classrooms, however, the intended use has been changed. The rooms have been adapted into small and medium offices, meeting halls and places of meetings that are rented out to students, start-up companies and freelancers of various kinds to carry out their activities freely.

Eterno Ivica has been involved in this repurposing acoustic project, from the point of view of the reverberation. It is a large space of approximately 140 square meters. A composition of 24 “phonolook” panels 1,20mX1,20mX5cm has been applied to the ceiling. The panels are silk-screened, and have been customized one by one, according to a project specially studied and designed by the creators of the co-working space. They have a high definition inkjet print directly on the fabric: a composition with a unique design divided into 24 panels in a mosaic-like fashion. The panels are suspended from the ceiling by means of a stainless steel system of ropes and conical terminals.
The result is spectacular.