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Phonolook 3D


The excellence in details, an innovative weaving technique.

The new Phonolook 3D line comes from the fine fabrics used in the interior design world.

Realized on the basis of the standard panels of the Solution line, the 3D Phonolook panels are characterized by an embossed fabric coating, able to give them shape and volume without depriving of their main functions in soundabsorbing.

Thanks to their particular manufacturing technique, the panels covered with 3D fabrics allow you to decorate private luxury locations in a sophisticated way, as well as the contract and hotel industry, with a unique expressive force.


5 different kinds of 3D fabrics are available and in different colors.




                    Ceiling suspension                           Application in adherence to the wall Application in adherence to the ceiling


Panel Frame Side A Side B Thickness m2 Weight
LP11206125 Metal 600 600 50 0,72 6 kg
LP11206185 Metal 600 1800 50 1,08 7 kg
LP11212185 Metal 1200 1800 50 2,16 14 kg
LP12206125 Wood 600 1200 50 0,72 4 kg
LP12206185 Wood 600 1800 50 1,08 5 kg
LP12212185 Wood 1200 1800 50 2,16 8 kg


Note: Possible production of panels with custom sizes.

The numerical values in the tables are expressed in mm.

The weights are indicative and may differ from those shown in the table.

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