Harmony for the senses

Comfort, Aesthetics, Simplicity are the qualities that describe, in synthesis, the advantages of the Phonolook sound-absorbing panels.

Phonolook is an innovative solution designed to correct problems related to the acoustic reverberation in indoor settings, by providing with its installation absolute benefits in terms of comfort. With its attractive and modern aesthetics, available in many combinations of shapes, colors and customizations, Phonolook meets the most diverse public tastes. The Phonolook panels are noted for the simplicity of installation, their handling and great freedom of configuration they allow.



Comfort is defined as a set of pleasant sensations caused by environmental stimuli, that can lead to a feeling of well-being in a given context.

Phonolook acoustic panels work to give an immediate feeling of comfort by dealing with all issues related to the annoying acoustic reverberation in closed environments.


Girl sitting at the bar drinking a cafe



Since the begining, aesthetics, defined “science of beauty”, has aimed to define the parameters of beauty by researching the canons of harmony that have inspired art throughout the ages. Nowadays the sense of aesthetics has a thousand different interpretations but in fact it is aimed at stimulating positive visual sensations in all areas. The product lines Phonolook Design and Solution Phonolook are designed with an approach that, beyond their functional effectiveness, inspire and help to recall the good feelings that the sight of a beautiful object can elicit.


Girl who admires the hanging panels on the wall



Simplicity as linearity, cleanliness, versatility, essential style but also the technology that underlies the solution in its effectiveness. Simplicity as an ability to synthesize concepts, performance, and elaborate and complex features in a unique way that contains numerous advantages.

Phonolook thanks to its universal but never predictable forms, manages to fit perfectly in any context and offers a variety of installation modalities.


Children playing with forms similar to Phonolook panels