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False ceiling Quadro+

The revolution of Phonolook


The Quadro+ 57,5x57,5 cm panels are ideal to be applied to false ceilings in substitution of some of the traditional panels used in this application.

As well as giving a varied and original aesthetic effect they allow the reaching of optimal levels of sound absorption with a quick and simplified installation.

Removed panel for the installation of Solid+

To proceed with the installation of the QUADRO + panels, first remove some of the panels that make up the existing or planned

false ceiling, in the number necessary for the type of intervention to be carried out.

Pannel Solid+ with fins

The QUADRO + panels are optimally suited to be applied in place of the removed panels, improving the acoustic performance of the environment in which it intervenes. The panels are produced with special flaps fixed on two opposite sides of the frame which provide guarantee of speed and simplicity of installation

Installation of Solid+

Gently insert the panel into the released compartment, paying attention to fully insert the anchoring flaps, and then adjust the panel to a perfectly flat position.


Pannello Solid+ da 3cm



The 3 cm thickness of the panel offers a light and elegant variation of planarity compared to the false ceiling.


Pannello Solid+ da 5cm



For sensibly improved sound-absorbing performances, it is possible to choose Phonolook QUADRO + 5 cm thick panels, which create original architectural effects in application on an existing false ceiling.


Pannello Solid+ da 7cm



When important sound absorption performance is required and at the same time you want to give a strong and innovative character to the environments, you can choose the Phonolook QUADRO + panels in thickness 7 cm.






Code Frame Side A (mm)  Side B (mm) Thickness (mm) m2
L20801 Steel 595 595 30 0,35
L20802 Steel 595 595 50 0,35
L20803 Steel 595 595 70 0,35
L21801 Wood 595 595 30 0,35
L21802 Wood 595 595 50 0,35
L21803 Wood 595 595 70 0,35

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