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Cerchio Design ECO
  • Cerchio Design ECO
  • Cerchio Design ECO
  • Cerchio Design ECO
  • Cerchio Design ECO


Phonolook Design ECO panels represent the most recent proposal by Eterno Ivica in the field of sound-absorbing materials intended to improve acoustic comfort in indoor environments. Produced using an innovative forming technique, these new generation panels are characterized by high eco-sustainability combined with excellent acoustic performance. 

The use of PET with a high content of post-consumer recycled material, together with antibacterial coating fabrics, makes Phonolook Design ECO panels the most ecological choice to offer acoustic comfort and safety against fire while ensuring low VOC emissions and maintaining the environments healthier.



Available in the single-sided “MONO” and double-sided “TWIN” versions, the Phonolook Design ECO panels guarantee different grades of sound absorption based on the model and type of installation in order to always find the most suitable solution in relation to the acoustic characteristics of the environment to be treated, both in the new design phase and in the case of renovation. 


Code Type Measure Attachment points Thickness Weight
LP71600061 MONO single-sided Ø600 3 35 0.8 kg
LP71608003 MONO single-sided Ø800 3 35 1.4 kg
LP71610003 MONO single-sided Ø1000 3 35 2.2 kg
LP71612003 MONO single-sided Ø1200 3 35 3.2 kg
LP72606001 TWIN double-sided Ø600 3 50 1.1 kg
LP72608001 TWIN double-sided Ø800 3 50 1.9 kg
LP72610001 TWIN double-sided Ø1000 3 50 3.0 kg
LP72612001 TWIN double-sided Ø1200 3 50 4.3 kg


NB: Numerical values in the diagram are expressed in mm.



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