Report of the events | November 2020

Report of the events | November 2020

30 novembre 2020

A collection of all the events that have seen Eterno Ivica protagonist

We are moving towards the end of 2020, albeit a particular year, but still full of commitments and appointments that Eterno Ivica did not want to miss. We have continued to work hard to achieve all of our goals.


Speech Digital Forum Edilportale

Eterno Ivica participated in the week of the Digital Forum organized by Edilportale. In particular, we gave space to the solutions for sound absorption through a speech that was held on November 5, reaching over 100 users who followed and visited our portal on that day. Our Engineer TCA held the webinar facing the various problems related to the acoustics of closed environments and presenting the the possibilities to obtain high improvements thanks to our Phonolook line panels.

You can watch the video of the intervention on our page Youtube.


Eterno Ivica is working for you

This month we were particularly involved in the launch of two important news. One concerns the Phonolook line with the production of brand new panels revisited in a totally green key; the other sees the Pedestal line as the protagonist with the imminent launch on the market of a new innovative and revolutionary product.


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