ESOF 2020 - Trieste

ESOF 2020 - Trieste

25 août 2020

Euroscience Open Forum, 2-6 September 2020

The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a biennial meeting that involves the entire European territory, dedicated to scientific research and innovation. Each conference aims to provide inspiring content and a lively debate on the latest advances and discoveries in the sciences, humanities and social sciences.

This year the event will take place in Trieste, 2-6 September 2020. The city boasts a long tradition as a dynamic hub of research, science and innovation, focused on sustainable growth and development, with an impact that extends beyond the Italy to the rest of Europe and the developing world.

Eterno Ivica takes part in this event, which includes a long series of conferences and meetings for the whole week, on Sunday 6 September on the occasion of the "Spazio dell'ipersensibile" event. A story in several voices, interspersed with sound interventions, to present an interdisciplinary research (between architecture, engineering and psychology) on the design of "sensitive" houses in which adequate interior architecture and the integration of intelligent sensors can favor the autonomous life of people with autism spectrum disorders. Through interactive sound installations, the public will be introduced to the topic with the guidance of experts and protagonists from various fields (journalism, literature, music) who are close to autism-related problems for various reasons.

Eterno Ivica wanted to pay homage to this event by providing several Phonolook panels installed in the room where the performance of the children of the Progetto Autismo FVG Onlus Foundation will be held. In addition, a short introductory speech will be held that will best explain the functionality of the sound-absorbing panels and all types of products of the Phonolook line and the event will be broadcast in live streaming.