Music rehearsal room

Music rehearsal room

November 22, 2016
Music room for professional use Villafranca Padovana (PD) | 2016

Music room for professional use

Villafranca Padovana (PD)

Year: 2016
Planning and construction: MGM Engineering, Eng. Mauro Menon – Cadoneghe (PD)


Construction of music rooms for professional use in residential areas has always been an area of great importance for Acustica Sistemi. The project consists of a setting containing recesses of restricted volume, yet involving considerably high level technicalities in view of the sophisticated requirements of care that stand out in this market sector. Very frequently, the client makes a hard-and-fast request: the ability to carry out professional musical activities within a residential multi-family complex, without causing disturbance to the neighborhood. Consequently, these types of construction require extremely high levels of noise insulation.

An example of this type of construction is shown by this music room that underwent inspection in August 2016 (the photograph on the web site is solely for illustration purposes).

Within the pre-built space are pre-fabricated concrete slabs for the floor and ceiling and walls made of brick, a “box in the box” construction method is used here, consisting of relining interior surfaces with sound insulating plaster. False walls and ceiling were built using MASTERGIPS BLUE and SOUNDBLOCK panels, which were elastically separated with the help of DIN STOP anti-vibration hardware. Dry-installing an entire false floor (with a double layer of 7mm DYNAMIC DPCM) brought the interior of the sound insulating box to completion. Specific attention was given to the installation, during construction, of sealing sound insulating doors and in acoustic analysis of the interior, improved by installing PHONOLOOK type sound absorbing panels.


Some of the room's specifications:
Acoustic dampening between the music room and adjacent commercial space: D = 79 dB.
Acoustic dampening between the music room and adjacent condominium common area: D = 74.5 dB.
Acoustic dampening levels provided by the sound insulating door system: D = 65.5 dB.